garden animal sculptures in steel

        Arkweld Animals, produced by Ian, are the
         result of our great affection for our livestock.
         Finished in a rust proof powder coating over mild
         steel they offer a range of domestic farm
         animals and birds as attractive garden features.                                                                        
         Cows, bulls, pigs, geese, and cockerels together
         with owls, herons, cats, and butterflies comprise
         the current flock... which is always growing!
stylised ironwork cockerell garden ornament

ewe & lamb wrought iron garden feature   the owl and the pussycat decorative garden sculptures  bird feeder hanger wrought iron

cow & bull wrought iron garden sculptures         wrought irin animal garden sculptures

iron garden sculptures       wrought iron water feature

Below are some of the characters available (not to scale).
 Prices range from 28 for the Owl bird feeder to 55 for the Bull.
The Arkweld Animals are between 24" and 48" in height, according to the animal,
with the bird feeders (owl, cat or pig) standing 72" high.

iron steel garden sculptures animal designs

       animal character ironwork birdfeeders                        iron pig garden sculpture                          cat bird feeder hanger in wrought iron                     

Introducing ...George the Owl sleeps all day but is good company if you are a 'night owl'.
He tends to hoot rather a lot.

steel owl sculpture
Lucinda pig considers herself your equal. 
She eats excessively and enjoys a good mud bath.

iron pig sculpture

Cedric Cockerel wakes everyone up in a morning - usually far too early. 
He has lots of wives and says he has a lot to crow about. 

ironwork chicken for gardens

Nelson the Cat is in a permanent state of extreme alarm. 
His own shadow is more than enough to terrify him. 
He is so glad when you come home.

scared cat garden feature design

Charlotte Goose is better than a dog to warn of visitors. 
She struts about being a very important person most of the day. 
Likes organising everyone and everything.

goose design garden sculpture

Nathaniel Heron - Nathan to his friends, many unprintable names to his enemies
- will stand for hours soaking his feet in your pond. 
Rodney Koi feels insecure. He believes the only certianty 
about the future is its uncertainty - particularly his future.

stylised heron ironwork sculpture

Brian is probably the only snail you will welcome into your garden, 
unless you have his twin brother - also called Brian - for company. 
He is guaranteed Hosta friendly and promises only to look at and 
admire your precious garden plants.

garden snail sculpture in iron

Daphne and David are the most contented of all the animals. 
By the twinkle in David's eye a calf could be on the way. 

cow and bull ironwork garden features

George's younger brother Cecil has to hang about all day feeding the birds. 
He thinks it is a boring but very important job.
He is joined in this arduous task by Nelson's nephew, Clarence and Lucinda's niece Emily.
Clarence has a stupid grin permanently on his face and is treated with contempt by Emily. 
But then she treats everyone the same.

animal character steel bird feeders

Nancy knows what she wants and how to get it - like all Pigmy Goats. 
She is the cheekiest of all the animals. 
She loves having babies - year after year. 
Her favourite pastime is eating - all the time and everything.

goat design garden sculpture

The Arkweld Animals are conceived and come to life in our West Devon workshops. 
We have been fortunate to have spent a lifetime working with livestock. 
We hope that the great affection we have for animals is captured in the Arkweld Animals.