Ian specializes in making and designing custom made storage racks
for shoes, boots, CDs, books and wine, to meet the client's exact requirements.

wrought iron book shelf    wall mounted wrought iron book shelf    free standing wrought iron book case

book shelf used for soft toys      wrought iron bookshelves and  cd dvd racks
      attractive iron bathroom fittings towel rails towel stands and toilet roll holders        

custom made shoe racks      ironwork shoe racks and boot racks         bespoke iron shoe and boot rack design

Custom made wrought iron shoe rack

Wrought iron wine racks can be visually attractive as well as filling an awkward space.

Large wrought iron wine rack custom made     custom made wrought iron wine racks    custom made wrought iron wine racks

Fire backs, baskets, log holders, fire surrounds, and fire guards.

Fire back and grate steel                  Fire back and grate  

decorative steel fire back         decorative steel fire back

decorative steel fire back   decorative steel fire back

wrought iron log basket holder

Steel open fire baskets for burning logs            iron steel log holder basket  

   Ornamental wrought iron fire guard                       Iron steel fire surround

Wrought iron and glass coffee table

Wrought iron and glass coffee table

Wrought iron shepherds's crook table support hinge for a Shepherd's Hut

Wrought iron shepherds's crook hinge table support      Wrought iron shepherds's crook hinge table support

A number of  candle holders have been commissioned for pascal and altar candles and pillar sconces.

church pascal candle holder   church candle holder  church altar candle holders  church pillar sconces

Celtic wrought iron alter cross and candle holders                                      small celtic cross church cross      

         Celtic Altar Cross and Candle Holders                     Small cross suitable for the house   

A selection of household candle holders
wrought iron candle holders

Iron in the garden can be both functional as well as being decorative.
Garden seats and benches can be made to commemorate that special date

wrought iron ironwork garden seats and benches        hand made garden tree seating in iron

Bench for two and a single seat                                       Tree guard bench

   custom made personalised iron benches        wrought iron garden bench seat customised wedding date    

Remember your wedding date 

For your birds

wrought iron bird feeder stands holders      bird table feeder stand      bird feeder holder stand wrought iron   bird feeder station stand wrought iron


    bespoke gateways in iron and steel       iron and steel ornate gates

Drive entrance gates can be traditional with matching railings or
customized with house names or with fun images for the children

customised entrance gate with tractors          wrought iron gates with house name

wroughr iron arch with gate                  Custom wrought iron gat with house name              Wrought iron house name plates      

House sign     house number

house sign

   Wrought iron house name       wrought iron house sign name         wrought iron house name sign              

A pair of gates as a spider's web complete with spider
           unique ironwork 'spider and web' design garden gate      

single wrought iron traditional garden gate     traditional wrought iron garden gate with matching railings  

   child safety stair gate      wrought iron garden gates

Essential for the garden are plant supports

decorative wrought iron plant supports          wrought iron plant sweetpea support

spiral iron plant support   iron ornate plant support pannels   iron rose bush plant support   iron plant hanging basket stand holder

Garden arches can be used for supporting fruit, flowers or vegetables

iron garden arch    iron garden rose arch   iron half arch basket hanger lamp

square iron vine arch support      ornate custom made iron garden arch

Hand rails can be both functional and decorative

wrought iron hand rails              wrought iron handrails        safety railings
safety iron hand rails     iron safety handrail

iron railings      galvanised wrought iron railings

Themed railings and hand rails for children's play ground

wrought iron hand rail customised  

Themed wrought iron railings children's playground park

What ever the shape hand rails can be made to fit

wrought iron railings     iron rails

Wrought iron hand rail bespoke                wrought iron hand rail

Estate style rail fencing left to have a natural rust finish

estate style railings

Estate style railings

estate style steel wrought iron  fencing railings

Modern steel balcony railings

modern iron steel balciny railings         arts and crafts style balcony railings

wrought iron steel balcony rails     wrought iron steel galvanised railings

Wrought iron steel balcony railings                           steel balcony

A galvanised steel inspection tower  and a balcony with access steps

Inspection towergalvanised steel    Galvanised steel balcony and steps

restoration of iron work

Repairs to an antique chandelier

repair to an antique brass and copper chandelier

Ian also restores old and antique ironwork in a variety of areas including

tractors, engines, lamps, bells and just about everything else!

bells restored     old bells restored

bell restored       finished bell restoration