Murals and tromp l'oeil to commission

nature illustration

Murals can create great impact, atmosphere and unique interest for both interior and exterior spaces.
They can represent a naturalistic environment or be a product of the client's complete fantasy.

church mural St. Peter
Mural in St. Peter's Church, Lamerton, Devon.
(Detail below)
sheep mural

Goddess Hall
Goddess Hall, Glastonbury, Somerset

Griffon Phoenix
Tromp l'oeil at St. Ben's School, Glastonbury

Mural greek ruins in landscape    greek mural

horses in mural landscape


   contemporary angel in mural     Mural goddess and angel fantasy     angel in mural painting

Series of panels for a Courtyard in Glastonbury, Somerset,  illustrating the legend of the birth of Taliesin         
sleeping baby


Painted oak paneling and tromp l'oeil ticket office and cloakroom created for Soundmoves company foyer in Ashford, Middlesex

painted oak graining

tromp l'oeil           tromp l'oeil

   luxury bathroom mural            tromp l'oeil pillars and landscape painting    

mural in clouds with spitfires    

  mural in Glastonbury Experience    pagan goddess mural      public mural in Glastonbury    deer in Glastonbury mural

      tromp l'oeil butterfly    

traditional tromp l'oeil detail       mural pillars and marble archway        tromp l'oeil niche with fruit    

'OUR WORLD' mural in playground, Glastonbury
School playground wall in Glastonbury. Each child made a ceramic tile to make up the letters. (20m x 3m)