Paintings by Jon Minshull

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About the artist

Jonathan Minshull is the son of Ian Minshull and currently works from a studio at Theale Crafts in Devon.
If you would like to contact the artist to enquire about commissioning work, please do so through
Theale Crafts contact details or directly by e-mail: or mobile: 07900 843781
Thank You

The most important thing for me when painting is to make something that is beautiful;
 to try and show both the spectacular and the quiet beauty of the natural and supernatural worlds.
When I paint, I love most engaging in the dance between chaos and order
that generates a dual reality; the physical qualities of the paint and canvas
and the window into another reality that the illusion allows. 

Having attended a sculpture course at Shute Farm Studios in Somerset a few years ago,
I feel inspired to focus more on carving in the future.
I enjoy the simplicity and elemental quality of shaping natural stone and wood, from the
brutal and energetic reduction of material to the subtle refining of form and surface.

  genre painting shepherd      Stone carving queen's bust      oil sketch
              Portrait of my Father (oil on canvas)                 Queen's Bust (carved limestone)                   Minowa in the Waves (oil on board)