contemporary symbolist oil paintings

nature illustration

These paintings explore the links between nature and supernature
based on the "Cross-Quarter festivals" of the pagan calendar.

sacred geometry in contemporary oil painting
                                       Dark Garden   oil on board   24"x48"                                                          NFS

shells and fish in symbolist oil painting
      The Black Pearl    Oil on board    32"x32"                  NFS        

sacred geometry in art
     Magog    Oil on board    32"x32"                                     NFS       

The Geometress oil painting
     The Geometress    Oil on board  24"x48"                                                       NFS        

Beltane pagan art Hummingbird oil painting
Beltane  Oil on board 48"x66"                                                 2500

Lammas sacred art
   Lammas    Oil on board   48"x66"                                             2500   

Samhain pagan art
Samhain    Oil on board   48"x66"                                             2500

Imbolc painting fire seed
Imbolc    Oil on board   48"x66"                                               2500

Trip to Mendocino
        Mendocino    Oil on board                NFS        

Birth Mandala oil painting
                   Birth Mandala    Oil on board   48"x48"                 NFS